“Rifle shot meets target, shot-guns don’t.”

                               And you thought you have best of every thing starting from MBA degree, transnational company and a lovely designation to reckon with. Indeed more than sufficient elements for embellishing your resume. Ask any Hiring manager and it would be revelation for you, after all what it is this resume objective and why it’s so important. People may call it profile summary, career objective etc.


  • While penning resume you’ve got a few seconds to tell your story, Hence you have to “toot your own horn” when you are writing a résumé.
  •  Jobs are getting highly specialized therefore; profiles too need to be highly focused.
  • But unfortunately the objective statement is the most misused – and often underutilized – section in a resume. And that’s a shame, since its right at the top, and sets the tone for the rest of resume.
  • Focus on the employer’s needs as well as your own.There has to be a meeting of the minds. Presumably an engagement before marriage.
  • Resume objective is written not for present time but for future. It’s a trailer of Cv.


  • Start Resume with a “Power Statement”. Only stellar Cvs catch the eye of selector.
  • Your Cv objective is the first thing employers will read; make sure it’s charismatic one!
  • Always highlight on your skills, areas of proficiency and a little fragment of character.
  • Phrase the sentence in such manner that yes you’ve been exposed to n nos. of function but my expertise lies in a particular area and that is the key driver of your Cv.
  • Many a times when applicant seeks new area of exposure, he has to connect his present experience with the desirous area and mention it clearly in resume objective.


  • Avoid using phrases like “reach the pinnacle of success” fluffy phrases rather than apply thought when wording your objective for resume building.
  • Please do not write Career Objective like Veni vedi vici or “Citius, Altius, Fortius”.
  • Avoid words like seeking, requesting, desirous etc. showing desperation rather be        proud of your experience
  • Misnomer-Employers do not read it, writing an objective is just a part of Cv writing.
  • Do not just write laundry list of key words.


Finally, diagnose the position you want. Research & investigate your prospective employer. Start your cross-examining with the company’s web presence.

Much of detail of the job will remain elusive until the face-to-face interview, but any nuggets of facts you can uncover ahead of that will help you in targeting your resume. Otherwise, you may never make it to the face-to-face.

Forget about an anaemic “objective statement” outlining what you want in a job. Nobody cares what you want. They want to know what you will do for them. Use this as prime real estate, the first thing people will see, to tell them about the unique value you offer that no one else does.


  • When your resume hits the desk of a hiring official, you’ve got seven seconds to present a first & finest impression.
  • Your resume objective should not be “YOUR OBJECTIVE,” but should be your “EMPLOYER’S OBJECTIVE”.
  • And since your resume objective is likely to be the first thing read your fortunes are riding on a mere handful of words hence show your best.


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