After serving for 10 or 15+  years in    job the most    daunting task   is to jot down  list  of    accomplishments in a piece  of  paper. Where time is essence  and a  word  too many is a  luxury. The job  profile  section  is the most  significant selection  factor. Here  only one word is  clamouring  for  space that is  RESULT, RESULT, and  RESULT.


    Hiring managers are least interested to peruse your job responsibilities, it’s but obvious that for a said position Cvs are pouring from similar profile or domain area from all corners.

Therefore simply mention in 2-3 lines about main areas which you’ve been exposed to. That is considered to be your job profile summary.

Out of several key attainments you need to prioritize them based on the relevancy. Here don’t just write assortment of lifeless keywords but arrange them in presentable & meaningful sentence form. In other words you are introducing yourself as you are specialist or expert in the following fields.

Always start with your best achievement in whole career and picture it in detail specification, name of the project, your distinctive contribution, resulted in this much growth/profit to the company in comparison to previous year (awards or accolades may be mentioned here). The language should be so crystal clear that even a lay person could comprehend it.

 In my personal observance experienced candidates have good stock of achievements but in there raw resume you won’t find them probably they couldn’t evaluate or market themselves properly unless dig them and put forth the facts in attractive packaging.

  Another very common observance is candidate feel bit choosy in selecting quantifiable achievements. I agree that sometime you won’t be spoilt for choices but do not underestimate yourself and show even the miniscule contribution which is substantiable. As they say it takes years to attain perfection and only a millisecond to measure it.

   Detailing one topic at a time-  what have you done, How company got benefited(give figures), which year, What percentage growth or how much cost reduction, wrap up all these information in just 2-3 lines and see the results. It is easy to figure out as well as quite corroborative too. In other words you are talking about the challenges faced.

 The numerical version, however, jumps off a page, whereas the spelled out version often gets lost. Digitizing the resume has its own solid justification. In bird’s eye view its only actual use of numbers helps to capture the reader’s attention- they are drawn to the numbers, which means they are spending more time looking at and reading your resume – and that’s a GOOD thing!

Writing cv in this manner always prepares you for interview grilling.

Don’t forget for senior level positions when options are aplenty in market, stakes are high, managing helm of affairs is a pre-requisite,  hiring manager take their own time to choose from best of the best profiles. Magnifying the achievements portion, comparing them with in the chosen profiles evaluating in holistic manner and finally before calling for interview unison opinion is a must.

  The best part of these result oriented Cvs are that automatically it shows that you are a team person, having leadership streak and organizing DNA, reflecting your mental psyche how methodical are you in your approach, a true trait for excellence in strategy & execution, a perfect choice.

 Therefore never write your resume in hurry and worry rather enjoy writing it at your leisure time because after all you are scripting your own success story.


Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He is MBA from XISS and can be reached at and +919811664625. 


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