Many a times    especially in  senior level    category people  sense that in  spite of excellent  experience  the resume is not  capable to  articulate what        candidates  intend to.  Otherwise, it’s  simply rolling  the dice on the  remote  possibility of being  selected  for a position. Find  here some  very practical &  basic points to ponder  with…..

  •       You’ve to zero your detailing to current & previous profile more and less about the rest ones. The trend of getting specialists is catching up in India very fast. The fangs of temp recruitment are fast spreading to senior level positions too where job assignments are project based. Truly the era of hiring subject matter experts have dawned after the tumbling of economy.

  •        How purpose of resume writing varies with time & situation, recently an MD approached me for resume revamping, requested to craft resume in such a manner that he could utilize it for expanding his  business vistas, in another case a VP asked me to design his cv for getting invitation as speaker in International symposium. Hence take care of your purpose always.
  •        Another event I would like to cite with you, a senior position was to be filled up in a company, approx 300 Cvs had poured in, the hiring head was busy in compensation benchmarking for few days but the MD was in hurry, one fine evening he called up the hiring head and asked to take out handful no. of Cvs randomly and line them up for interview ASAP. Hiring manager was surprised & just said “Sir, don’t you think this way we would be hiring only a lucky guy”. MD replied “I don’t want unlucky guys.” We have to acknowledge that recruitment is a brutal thing. To get selected you have to bypass somebody. Then in such a state of affairs why don’t we set your resume in order always.
  •        We are thriving in the era of 140 characters, we are in the cult of social networking, you’ve to tweet your résumé. It’s an envious situation how a 28+years of honcho graphed his career road map in maximum of one & half page Cv and is rocking. Make it crisp & expressive, focus only on your best deliverables, deck it with search engine optimization key words and industry standards and let it speak volumes. As you rise in the corporate ladder the size of the resume shortens. Finest CXOs carry single page resume.

  •        Many senior level resumes I have seen are full of job roles, they do not want to delve into digging out their distinct contributions, There psyche says the job roles itself shows the volume of job knowledge they posses. When I was writing Cv for Operations Head-APAC countries, he was totally reluctant to divulge any growth figure, reason afraid of being trapped in interview session, you can’t play safe, when you are performer tell it to the world after all fortune favours brave only. Don’t expect that a hiring manager will dive into the ocean of words of your Cv to salvage your best accomplishments
  •        You’ve lived your career to the hilt but while writing resume, are you driving your car in a right direction or are you writing a targeted resume .After serving for 22+years in pharma sales a candidate expressed his desire that he wants to become Product launching specialist hence resume should be given new direction by unearthing his talent.
  •        Biggest confusion I’ve noticed with the functions e.g. between operation & BD or Sales & Mktg strategy etc. First weigh your potential & exposures don’t let your hiring manager be witness to this bewilderment through resume as battle ground.
  •        Every person in due course of his career develops a niche or forte in one particular area only of his domain.  The candidate should focus & bring to light that caliber; corporate world needs your excellence to unleash.
  •        There is only single style of writing sentence in resume that is the meaning of every sentence should be what you have given to the company by your effort, the bottom-line of resume language. These kinds of resumes are designated as Power resume.
  •  The topmost position invites only single mindedly profiles which set their journey on at very young age of career with excellence as their armour.


Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He is MBA from XISS and can be reached at and +919811664625. 




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