Don’t just write  resume,  write a compelling    resume, high in  self esteem,  because you’ll have to  keep  failing till you succeed to get  your dream job. Give 100% to  your  CV as for your job, you  might be  thinking what rubbish but yes one  candidate confessed to me, “I’ve  been star performer throughout  but due to this idiot piece of paper I  can’t rise in career”.

Apply these quick tips and see the difference:

  • PARADIGM SHIFT: More than target achiever CVs, now a days the best choices are CVs which speaks about taken strategic decisions, brought the company out of red, Regain the no. one position etc.
  • NO ADVERBS PLEASE: Avoid words like successfully managed, contributed significantly, efficiently handled etc. who are you to judge yourself rather offer yourself at their mercy. Want to praise yourself do it by showing achievements.Avoid abstract versions too.
  • VERB ALWAYS FIRST: Start each sentence by verb e.g. managed, supervised, adjudged, implemented etc.
  • NO RESUME ETIQUETTE: Success is selfish. Audacious candidates start their CV with achievements directly. Today boldness can be judged by your writing caliber.
  • CLEAR THE FOG: Avoid words like instrumental, associated, involved, actively participated,ensuring etc. Don’t shoot at dark. Just like mistake, ambiguity has no room in CV.Regrets for fancy or emotional words.
  • HALO EFFECT: Neither you’ve any equity participation in your present company nor the prospective employer is taking over your company, hence detach yourself from the “brandwagon” of your present company & just write what skills & values have you accommodated. That way you are defining your “personal branding”.
  • BEAWARE:Words like responsible, accountable, additional, focused carry negative feel. We join company on our sweet wish; no body forces us to do job.
  • ADVERTISEMENT: CV is a document to market yourself. Don’t start it with word like seeking or looking for suitable opening rather start the first sentence with a bang.
  • LUCK BY CHANCE: A candidate asked me to write in CV everything (job roles) which he knows or supposed to know to avoid rejection, should I?
  • RESUME WRITING TECHNIQUE: Always write what you did and how it benefitted to the company in one sentence means assortment of information e.g.

Awarded as best sales person by Bangkok trip award for achieving 100 % sales  target (7000 units) in the month of Nov & Dec 2010 in mid car segment.

Remember your image travels prior to you; your resume carries your reflection so make it valued one.

Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He is MBA from XISS and can be reached at and +919811664625. 


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