This is one of the most  debated topics  today while applying for    job. Lot of  doubts & dilemma dangle  upon over a  photograph. After all    what is   the  solution to it? Hiring on the    basis of      physical appearance, what is  your take?   Can we keep controversy at bay? Hold  on lets not be argumentative any  further. Photograph yes or no both have  its pros and cons only analyzing them will help you to arrive at right decision.


Putting a personal Photo graph has its own advantage that’s why all the social networking sites vie for it.

Your skills and experience should qualify you for the position more so than your appearance but even then your photograph gives completeness to the resume and helps a hiring manager to take right decision.

A Recruitment manager compared to me CV with or without photograph and he assured the applicant on it really stand out above the rest of the stack of resumes.

It helps an employer to keep track of candidates. This is especially true if you have had the chance to deliver your Resume in person and chat with the employer.

Your photograph is an extension of your resume it is your Personal Brand.

It would always be better to have suit and tie shot (for men) and corporate attire for the woman

Recently a 25+ years of experienced candidate sent me five photographs of his to put on his resume the best suited one, he didn’t like my choice and asked my consent on his choice, I really appreciated his regard for value of a photograph.

Even HR managers have acknowledged that a photograph provides first hand impression about the candidate.

Uploading photograph is also advised as it makes the individual look more convinced and gives benefit of better recall value.


There are a couple of things which really cringe in Hiring Manager- too casual pictures, and vanity e-mail addresses

A saggy photograph may spoil the apple cart therefore take a little bit of care about it.

It’s a small thing, but it says a lot about the candidate and could be a “turn-off” for recruiters.

After interview session it is your photograph which is thereto speak about your persona

Photograph of yours should always carry winning & confident look not necessarily smiling.

It has to be professional-looking picture, but it should look business-like and cheesy looks from foto session are simply no.

Hiring Managers are not supposed to be a face reader but your Photograph must transmit positive image, self belief and “A HALO EFFECT” about you hence should always be clear and distinct.

You have taken utmost care in crafting resume why not a moment to decide a best photograph to choose from, after all it is you.

Devdat is a Professional Resume Writer,MBA-XISS.He can be reached at and 09811664625.


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