“A Resume is Anthology of Human Talent.”

First Resume means turning point from Student life to  Professional life. Armouring yourself with all the fortifications to show that you are the best. Creating your first resume shouldn’t be an intimidating task if you understand the goal of your resume – to generate interest and interviews. It simply has to pique the interest of the reader and answer the only question he cares about: will this candidate add value to my company?

If your resume answers this question effectively – by clearly communicating your skill-set – employers will want to meet with you. It really is that simple.


Many people are surprised to learn that resume design is just as important as content, but it’s absolutely true.

Research suggests that your resume has less than 20 seconds to make the right impression, so it must be eye-catching and reader friendly.



                      Many students worry that they don’t have enough experience to create a compelling resume. Don’t be concerned. Once you start to really think about your background & achievements, you’ll be surprised at what you have to boast about. The content of your resume will be determined by your own unique experiences, skills and background. The key is to emphasize those things that demonstrate your value and to leave out those things that don’t.

Keep in mind that your executive resume is not a career obituary, so only the key career highlights that are most relevant to your target position will count. Consequently you want to maximize your professional reputation and position yourself as a solution for the company.



As you work on your resume, keep your reader (employer) in mind and remember his/her basic concern and see your resume will open the right doors and generate interviews for you. Always ask your friends to read it because having someone else’s perspective always helps making the resume sound clearer and getting neutral viewpoint about your profile.



Summary of your top qualifications is often more effective than an objective statement. This is particularly true if your career goal is undefined and you are testing unchartered ways as a fresher. Without experience in the target field, education is often the most valuable information a student has to offer.


Go into detail about projects you were involved in that show leadership, drive and determination. Extract the skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to employers’ needs and leave out details that don’t add value.


As a Baby step your resume must start with basics-Strong Fundamentals. Look at your experience through two pairs of eyes: the potential employer’s and your own. Think Like an Employer — and Like a Job Seeker and surely possibilities would be unlimited.

Devdat is a Professional Resume Writer,MBA-XISS.He can be reached at and 09811664625.


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