As the MBA program culminates into Campus offers the enthusiasm soars to a new high after all its sheer transformation from study life to a rewarding career life. But there is linkage in this transformation which is as vital as the person himself and that is your Curriculum vitae or Cv or Resume. I chanced upon to address MBA scholars of XISS Ranchi on 6th Jan’12 on latest trends on Resume writing.

Accentuating that each candidate is unique in caliber and unleashing the self asks for  the talent that is how you portray your innate qualities on a piece of paper called resume. A good resume is a canvas where you draw a straight line of career ascension. As a fresher a resume encompasses length & breadth of your knowledge and your behavioral aspects e.g. Leadership skills, Position of responsibilities, teamship etc.  In other words it provides a holistic picture of the candidate. A perfect architecture of resume is quintessential to craft a winning resume.

Summer internship is the curriculum which is not only the first industry interface but also first burst of success as an interview could by gyrated around the same hence it is  a super important facet.

Each minute detail matters e.g. choice of words, lay out, Hobby, social life after all your career is also wedding for life. Reprioritizing the things are of paramount importance as a resume writing can’t be an overnight affair.

A Resume is a textual presentation of the self which carries 90% of professional content and only 10 % of personal content as a result it directly evokes your confidence level even before the interview and after the interview it is the only reminiscent of your candidature.

The best part of the workshop was that many candidates found the avenues for exposition of there unearthed geniuses and imbibed contemporary trends quickly. There is strong bondage between resume content and interview; both pros and cons were highlighted as resume is passport to the interview.

Myths were busted about the fresher resume in terms of content, accomplishments, skill-sets etc. rather points were emphasized how to reflect Personal Branding in your Resume which was indeed eye opener to the participants.

The whole program was designed to be highly interactive as the end of the session was exclusively dedicated to resume gap analysis on one to one basis.


Devdat is Professional Resume writer can be reached thru & 09811664625.



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