And you thought you have rich exposure, commendable credentials sky is the limit for you just holds on……

After thoughtfully research I have compiled following assortment of points only from the resumes of corporate chieftains.

 The Employer is reading your mind not your resume.

  A Resume is a document reflecting 90% Professional & 10% Personal    specialties

  Resume is a brief written account of one’s past history, used for  future.

 Without Personal Branding Resume is ink on a piece of paper.

 From a Resume don’t anticipate a job: Expect only an interview.

After Interview only thru good CV your first impression can be remembered.

More interviews & salary can be fetched by a powerful CV and vice  versa.

Your resume precedes you in your job search like an emissary of goodwill.

A first-class Resume may turnaround your career.

 In spite of your professional accolades if you are not confident about resume better think   twice because you are the only sculpture to it.

Research has shown that it takes an average of 3-7 interviews to receive one job offer, so your CV needs to be persuasive & perfect;  the persuasive quality of your résumé depends on its usability.

First few sentence of CV decides whether  its generating interest or not in the mind of HR Manager to the read further

Your Cv must scream look-at-me through its attractive layout because first glance is very important.

Test your CV, if it secures an interview, then it has done its job. If it sets you ahead of the competition in the mind of your interviewer, then it has given you a distinct advantage and gone beyond its main objective.

Research has shown that CVs tweaked based on advertised job profile  and prospective company requirement has higher success ratio.

Consider resume as perfume and allow selector to sniff your talent.


And I am sure this time you are going to grab the offer with flying colours by carrying your signature resume.



Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume writer.He may be contacted  thru devdat23@gmail.com.


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  1. I would like to say thank-you for the excellent work. I am very pleased with my CV. could not have been done any better. You promised you could get it down to the twinkle in the eye and you did. -AMAR

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