Recently I received a mail mentioning that I believe I have the required skills and knowledge for many highly sought after jobs advertised by prestigious organizations in the gulf, but up till now I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a decent offer and I think my CV is to be blamed for that.
So please let me know about the gaps and flaws in my CV; because I am deeply interested in rectifying them.

I studied his resume with rapt attention and found that his resume was full of conventional or day to day functions e.g. preparation of weekly reports, monitoring project status, organizing meetings, generating contract correspondence etc.

Sometimes it felt like that I am reading modus operandi of the project he is into. All total three company switches but approach of explaining profile remains the same. Off course I am here not to criticize this candidate or this kind of CVs. I started interacting with the candidate rather tried to listen between the lines but of no use why because he was assigned only to perform routine jobs but tell me is it his fault, is he incompetent, Are we here to judge him? Not at all. I was thinking where he is gone wrong or what about  my preaching that good resume are always accomplishment driven. Am I not responsible to guide him or isn’t he struggling to come out from this situation. But what to do from where to start, forget about accolades in his career years, hasn’t even allowed to use his skill, all donkeywork, but just like any other candidate he has also dreams to zoom ahead in life.

And I took it as my latest Challenge……


You are your best judge pick those job roles which you think could be Cynosure. At one point all your qualification, experience etc. takes backstage, your usefulness to the potential employer is a million dollar question.



                                           Need not to look at the grey part decide about black n white  and  give signal right now that 15 years from now where you want to see yourself, specialist of which area, tell it in your CV and see you won’t succumb to present scenario.



                                           All the testimonials carry certain percentage of truth, give positive criticism to yourself, you can’t be dishonest to yourself rather‘ll feel proud of self.


                                             Eligibility always comes before experience. Garner your CV with best skills you possess. Recruitment Managers are expert in culling valuable facts from CV.Hence it would be a futile exercise inflating CV artificially.


                                  The general fabric of language must be upbeat, mind it other contestants might be having oodles of accolades but that’s not the end of world for you .Your thoughts are your best friends, Translate them into words of excellence in your resume.

After seeing his new CV he said to me you haven’t only rewritten my CV but imbibed courage & confidence in me to face the interview, it is a true revelation of me.

Truly each person is bright just polishing is desired for.



Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume writer. He may be contacted  thru



  1. Devdat,

    Thanks for sharing your success story transforming a confused and bewildered job seeker into a well-presented, satisfied client!

    Kudos for giving your client courage and confidence! And turning difficulties faced into challenges overcome.

    Keep polishing!

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