• Your CV is an exaggeration. They are filled with action verbs that do not mean anything. They list job titles and responsibilities’ that are vaguely accurate at best. And there’s no way to verify most of what’s on there. The whole thing is a farce.
  • You are writing only good things to embellish your profile.
  • They are easy to make, just copy n paste. They can be sent out to hundreds at a time to potential employers. It’s another form of spam.
  • As any job requirement releases in job market the mail starts bouncing  in the inbox of HR Manager as if the bus has arrived in bus stop and the whole crowd is jostling to get inside through that single door.
  • What we need to understand is that Recruitment specialists are supposed to search in CVs what VALUE ADDITION you have done to the company and what can you do to your prospective company, That is the core search and rest of the CV contents are of peripheral value.
  • The competition is first among the equals, probably now you understood why out of zillions of CV finally 4-5 CVs reach the final stage.
  • Recruitment can never be single man’s decision rather it is a collective decision
  • In this era of online application what is the use of covering letter. Has it become extinct yes or no? Rather covering letter has come up into a new avatar.
  • Now a days scrutiny starts with covering letter. In a cover letter, you get actual communication instead of a list of skills, verbs, and years of irrelevance. There’s no way an applicant can churn out hundreds of personalized letters.Thts’s why the cover letter is a much better than resume. You hear someone’s actual voice and are able recognize if it’s in tune with you and your company.
  • Whether you are sending CV directly to company or to the Recruitment consultants always write a crisp cover letter of 6-7 lines mentioning major attractions of your profile (VALUE ADDITIONS) in the mail body itself(no attachments please).
  • Do not miss to write the covering letter to a designated person always that makes your message authentic and a genuine applier.
  • The whole talentscape of your resume should be focused towards ADDING VALUE and see your resume will look more factual and class apart.
  • Change your strategy while applying for your dream company and concentrate  on your VALUE ADDITIONS more than awards & accolades, success will be definitely yours.


  1. I have no reason to disagree with Mr. Devdat and the fact remains that when I have to hire someone, it all starts with resume. Many a times good candidates do not get shortlisted because of a badly written resume. There are many such agencies and job portals who provide this service but when you go in depth you will find thousands of people with similar kind of resume made by one agency. That is where Mr. Devdat has his own niche and his approach is individualistic. He goes deep into your profile and do a lot many discussions to bring out the best. He has the ability to capture small details which are of great attributes and we tend to miss out on them. Without any second thoughts I can say with utmost confidence that he is the best in industry and that is not because of only his writing skills rather his intellect to connect with the individual and developing things from his perspective.

  2. I am totally agree with Mr. Devdat. Resume always represents face of that particular person and Speaks in absence of you. Mr. Devdat is excellent in Resume writing. He wrote my new resume which was so good that i can’t think about that Resume can be written in this way. He has considered each and every portion of my career and experienced and highlighted in my Resume. He is not only writing Resume but also providing career guidance. His approach is totally different from Others and he extracts every thing by interacting for a long period. He is doing the things very professional and international standard. As per his company’s name RESUMEWORTH, it is fact that associate with Mr. Devdat is really Worth for you.

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