You might have read this piece of news

http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/jobs/fake-cv-chances-are-your-company-will-catch-you-out/articleshow/11405137.cms?intenttarget=no via @ArchiveDigger

Now read my personal experiences:-

Me and faking CV no way, OMG its unethical, simply can’t think of.

HR Managers have view point that in mostly 40% of CV content is not real.

Any takers!

Resume faking means providing false info in terms of age, designation, profile, defunct companies etc. etc. but either this meaning is outdated or not relevant at least here.

Who says Faking Resume is a sin. See the Old wine in a new bottle.

Recently as I started revamping a Resume of SCM-Head, I was asked to write CV as PLANT HEAD not as SCM Head by the owner and rest is history. Writing CVs at gunpoint, anything is possible under the sun! Off course me not interested to tell my plight here.

Logic was also quite corroborative that in absence of his CEO a British expat he managed the whole plant and looked after production, supply chain and P&L accountability quite successfully but this sojourn was either intermittent or just for few months but the kind of confidence he mustered was second to none.

He emerged as a Plant Head in his revamped CV

Another example, 9 years of hardcore sales experience in FMCG, now fed up with chasing targets, ordered me for a professionally written CV mentioning Marketing, Brand Management etc.

I am indeed clueless, is this act bravery or what, an  better alternative option, smart move, exploiting the potential, good or bad, Is it that everything is fair in love n war, God help me.

Then why the hell we ask about forte while profiling any candidate.

I am sure HR Heads encounter this kind of “mishaps” every other day

The worst thing is in these type of instances lying is done very smartly, showing ambiguity in job roles.

One more interesting instance, an SBU Head approached me for CV; the beauty of his profile was that throughout his career he headed as Head of Product development and Business Development then by virtue of his caliber became SBU Head, within 13 months he is looking for career switch, now his demand is that in whole resume just talk about technical excellence and very less about present profile.

“Being original is indeed a rare quality but faking has a quality to peep through and get caught one day.”



  1. Interesting view on ‘fake resumes’. Your points are quite useful for HR interviewers. My question is that what are the consequences for an interviewee who has put in a bit of ambiguity in his/her resume? Especially if he is a ‘star’ candidate.


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