“Dilemmas are good if you fix them first.”

A candidate called me and seekth assistance for his career by narrating his story.


In the past rather in the initial years he changed jobs in quick succession. Now when he is being stuck up for further career progression blaming for all the job hopping done.


Came to resume writer for help and after Resume revamping found that he can’t withstand to resume because of its contemporary standard.


Unable to understand whether suitable openings are not available or the CV is not up to the mark.


Should have multiple CVs, maybe someday, sometime, somewhere, somehow,  something may turn-up, you never know when the things will click.


Sometime CV length is a problem; sometime amount of content is a problem or may be something can be written or presented in some better way to have better attraction


Everything seems ok of a Resume no flaws, then visual appeal becomes a problem,  perhaps by habit we tend to locate the reason of failure before the failure.


Especially senior level people after 20-25 yrs of experience feels uncomfortable when they see words like Career Précis, Academia, Personal vignette, IT Forte or accolades,  in their CV.A true case of change management as per them simple is beautiful.


They want the resume to be written by a Professional Resume Writer but don’t want that Resume should look like written by any professional.

Dilemma Dilemma everywhere, where to go!

We should  rather try to understand the limitation of a CV, its purpose is only to take you till interview table and nothing else. Rest will be history if you perform well.

This piece of article is not a cruel joke at their self created dilemmas but it is part of process during self introspection as a job applicant. And honestly speaking everybody goes through it sooner or later lesser or bigger.

But applying for a job by carrying baggage of this much dilemma is not a healthy sign rather its warning signal of debacle.

Instead of take them further share your confusions with your confidants to get some practical insights.

The Ratio for getting job is one is to infinity.

That means to become face in the crowd you have to dive into chaos with can-do, will-do attitude because journey to success starts with chaos only.

Wish you all the luck


Professional Resume Writer



One comment

  1. “Dilemmas are good if you fix them first.” this line has many meaning for job seeker. If your Resume will be nice and eye appealing then it will help you to attract any recruiter.Thanks for this blog, from this articles i have learn many good thing as a job seeker.

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