During MBA days we learnt that Change is constant and now economy is not constant. Paradox …….

In this volatile economy when waiting period for Interview call is so high, you just can’t rest on your laurels, rather “spruce up “your CV and moreover your own time is not waiting for you while you have to go quite far before dusk.

Before applying for any position just ponder for awhile on your CV and that might make a difference.

Read on….

  •  We all know it takes less than a minute to read or rather scroll the CV for selection or rejection. But how do the Recruiters read Resumes, where do they spend most of the time for reading? Where can you give Initial thrust to generate interest?
  •  Just like First Impression in Interview First few lines of CV makes impression about you.
  •  The first sentence is of paramount importance  and mind it Recruiter is not going to be impressed by you here, He is just taking care of vital information  needed e.g. total years of experience, kind of exposure and in which kind of industries. While conveying these informations, neither exaggerate nor hesitate rather be discreet.
  • Just like your job experience,accomplishments &  awards give equal emphasis on personal Introduction as AN OVERVIEW.
  •  You are smart enough if you are summing up the above matter in just two lines or two sentences.
  •  Next step, just in one sentence give a solid punch about your personality in relation to your job e.g. Possess ability to innovate and perform under stringent situations and to come out with better alternative also Passionate to take along with people because teamship is the crux of success.
  • Gone are the days of writing “Area of expertise”, it is absolutely disastrous in this 2 page CV era.
  • While writing job roles stop writing general or ordinary sentences e.g. Conceptualized & implemented various sales promotional activities for market development and increase sale. Instead of this line be specific; explain for that particular product or technology what exact step you took.
  •   Job market is full of qualified  & talented candidates and companies cannot make compromises Therefore do not just highlight recognition, rewards & significant achievements. CV selection has gone beyond it, always try to highlight your leadership quality (which is always in great demand in corporate world), Risk appetite, Organizing skill and Teamship.
  •  Mind it Company is not going to hire any robot they want a human being with vision, intellect & logic.
  •  Your main aim should be of QUICK-SHORTLISTING of CV that’s possible majorly by sharing your management caliber in 2 page CV only.

Follow the above guidelines and I am sure you will present a “NEW YOU” in your CV and which will be a sure success.

 The author of this blogspot is Devdat Kr. a Professional Resume writer.He can be reached by


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