“Decision makers of the corporate world be decisive for the self & rule the roost.”

                                                    This is one of the most difficult questions asked in interview and very difficult to convince too, before this notorious question spoilsport your interview take an antidotal action to avoid it and most probably that would be rather most suggested one would be to look for job change. Does this sound provocative?



Why are you looking for job change  another most oft question in interview and the most ready-made answer for the same  is, for better prospects, sounds very diplomatic and believe me it rarely works because employer is also sick of listening same answer again and again.



Recently a senior Professional from a reputed Hotel chain desired to me for Resume writing, he was a consistent performer in the same group for the last 15+ years but he was not being promoted after a certain grade, naturally dissatisfaction was creeping in and some way out was imperative. The Peculiarity of his situation was that many people were being promoted in his division but just because of his less qualification he was not being considered, is it that his world ends there for him?



Research shows that many people are hesitant to look for job change because according to them they may be branded as job hoppers instead they solace themselves that they are in a learning stage and until the realization comes that they should have, they enter the stage of repentance.



Do not just work day by day, the another name of professional world is shrewd world, one fine day you may find your colleague, identical in age & experience to you, got a big jump as a new offer. Always keep your eyes n ears open thru career sites & vacancies related to your domain areas that what kind designation & compensation you command currently or are you lagging behind, if yes pull up your socks and look for career switch.



You are not an under-performer employee but undervalued, surely you are at a wrong place with no sign of career elevation, staying there is sheer wastage of your precious time span. As the saying goes if you won’t come out on your own you will be forced to come out by the circumstances. Therefore when you are confident of your dazzle, someone will honor you with due recognition but you’ll have to come out from the complacent cocoon at the earliest.



Nothing can stop you to grow understand this to the core of your heart, if you have been under-performer lately due to some unforeseen reasons especially poor equation with the new boss just look for some other better alternative and take it for granted that it’s not your cup of tea, Remember every worst happens for the best. Something somewhere more worthier opportunity is waiting for you, go and hunt it and the whole world will be yours.



Remember in this deathly combative & ambitious corporate world nobody will listen to your so- called story of missing the boat during the interview session. The world is craving not for experience but for expertise that too from fresh & innovative ideations.



Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He can be reached at  devdat23@gmail.com M: +919811664625. 


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