CFO Resume with a cutting-edge

CFO recruitment has already begun to hit high notes in India & abroad because of shape-shift in financial ecosystem in a changed dynamics. Today visionary CFOs are high in demand. Therefore your Resume must showcase your objective to go for an extra mile which will create a competitive edge between you and the competition.

My keen observations by interacting with the several senior most Finance professionals across the industry verticals has prompted me to jot down few lines to highlight farsighted business acumen which will put you as a class apart profile.

Shun the Stereotype CFO Resumes, instead your CV must reflect that you are a person who is thinking & bringing future, you are the mouthpiece of focused investment. The essence of the CV must depict gelling of the company aspirations with your interventions, you are steering the business as a high contributory individual who is functioning beyond the call of the duty in fact your role is undergoing a historic transformation.

Showcase following 5 salient facets of your profile while crafting Resume:

  1. Time Perceptions


  • Some well-established financial acumen like metrics, margins, EBITDA, Auditor’s analysis, Ratio, Technical analysis, EPS, ERP tools and share prices are ill suited for futuristic strategic decision making as they are too internally focused moreover these figures are coming in a quite systematic manner, yet statistically & mathematically correct but less challenging, they show progress against the pre-set of expectations hence inept to create value in future hence they are known as lagging indicators or historical perspective” instead you emphasize about “leading indicators or future perspective” which delves in creating value by giving directions to the business for future.


  1. Value Creation


  • Talk more on System creation, Strategy ideation & implementation exposure. As head of Finance you are supposed to understand the ins and outs of business, you should understand complicated technical process and even if given chance be ready to give lecture on product portfolio from competitors point of view so that an advice can be given and there lies your “differentiation” as a well-rounded knowledgeable person.


  • Get close to the business process, understand the current industry scenario of it and try to address issues related to Sales, Process or Product, an effort to drive them in different direction.


  • At the time of presentation to the top management Business & Financial Analysis should portray the sync with declared strategy, also focus under your tutelage what distinction has been created.


  1. Competency Edge


  • A business target of let’s say $100 million can be touched through different drivers i.e. applications, new customers, product ranges or several regions etc. Add value by creating an information system of customer spread and sales presence across the region or devise Customer segmentation strategy and Pricing discovery, a reason to success.


  • Show your forte for complete planning that is highlight more on Financial planning which does not only means Budgeting &Forecasting or Financial Planning could be Excel template but in detail it consists of two major parts (i)Strategy Planning & (ii)Business Planning , further the most crucial subject is Strategy Planning-Customer Segmentation, As-is analysis, SWOT Financial Analysis, Business plans with drivers, Long term plan, Operating yearly Planning and last but not the least  is Monthly Planning.


  • Also have courage to voice about tweaking of the strategy or resilience in the strategy structuring.


  1. Teamship


  • Mention that you have revitalized the Finance team through hiring brilliant financial wizards, made the Process & tools faster and simplified for them, created small financial tools for the finance team to explain financial figures with conviction i.e. visualise the future value by creating value today.


  • Substantiate that even in Matrix reporting environment you have been a successful team player both for virtual as well real teams.


  1. Collaborative Mind-set


  • Show that you have established perfect rapport between CFO& CIO to develop analytics capabilities, thus arming the businesses with the competent data and operational insight needed for optimal excellence.


  • Besides having significant partnership with cross functional departments develop strong association with HR deptt by participating in to Leadership Hiring, assisting HR for skill gap analysis. And in case requisite financial data is not giving satisfactorily result, challenge the HR for additional resources or for competent Human Capital, for HR Planning Finance could be a good vertical to collaborate. Thus both are in the same page. In nut shell HR assessment of strategic thinking, strong leadership, communication skills is must to judge operational expertise.

I’m sure by including above pointers in your CV you will be able to establish a “forward looking” impression who believes in creating a niche value for the business.

Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He is MBA from XISS and can be reached at and +919811664625. 


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