bald-eagle-1728739_960_720Every Marketing Professional aspires to become CMO at the zenith of his career. And after having stellar performance in a long career journey, it’s high time to venture out in a CXO bracket as CMO.

Interestingly Company Heads prefer to elevate CMOs as future Business Head or COO. Now to become the most sought after candidate for this covetous position, you need to do little bit of profile makeover, off course to your application sheet called bio data.

You have crafted your resume with all your success scriptures but wait for a while, expectations from you would be beyond the call of the duty. Therefore upgrade your CV more than the clutches of Roles & Responsibilities you have furnished.

As we know people don’t buy product they buy brand. Branding is just like nursing a new born baby, Hence Brands are always meant to be felt.

Pertinent points to ponder are……..

Personal Branding

  • To stand out among other candidates from similar vintage show that ability and penchant to comprehend, appreciate, package, create new concepts & visions and create the consumer market for it.
  • Highlight your personal credo by showing  calibre for strategy building capability, thought leadership and complete intuition for Consumer behaviour.
  • Reflect the competence for taking decisions at the spur of the moment or sometimes you have to take a call for go or no go within a fraction of second i.e. your risk appetite.

Exceptional Credits

  • Display your experience for New Category Development, Global Brand Leadership, Revenue Accountability,New Business creation amongst others.
  • Talk about practicing Brand conflict to avoid cannibalisation and harvesting good amount of returns from both the portfolios.
  • Also show adeptness in Manufacturing Understanding of Product along with deftness in Supply Chain Mechanism.
  • Portray maximum multidisciplinary marketing activities.
  • Instead of  generalising the things talk of expertise predominantly.

Embracing challenges

  • Marketing has been more of an art than a science, but with the data explosion things have much more reliant on data and technical know-how.
  • Express your keenness for up scaling people in the digital content marketing which is more data-driven and have real-time decisionmaking quality and to drive demand.
  • Be a front runner in the area of digital, big data, content and one-to-one personalized marketing, especially in the b-to-b space.Data analytics is also very promising. Grapple with marketing automation platform and social technologies.
  • It is not easy to validate projected ROI. For the CMO to determine the worth of a structured strategy, data is needed, but the online market is so unpredictable that finding robust evidence to get funding for a new strategy is costly at best.
  • With the unorganised nature of modern marketing avenues, budgeting becomes a real challenge. The CMO needs to make sure that funding can cover all areas of marketing.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge for Integrated Marketing Communication and COEs as they help in creating a larger picture or vision & mission for the brand and ability to drive the brand architecture across the entire product basket.

Team Excellence

  • Impart 100% empowerment and transparency to the team and define boundary and framework to operate experiment and explore with a smile on the face.
  • Figure out the need for individual coaching in a particular area for upgrading the skillset.
  • Invoke culture and cultivate the people, inculcate the appetite for learning because same doctrine would not be applied to everyone hence individual type of attention & coaching is a must.

Personal Growth & Development

  • Continuously evolve yourself by being receptive to new learning, what the consumer is saying and the feedback which will set future course of action.
  • Seek the opportunity and have a personal coach for mirroring self.

You should not confine your resume to your day to day exposure area only instead upgrade or position it to address emerging Marketing challenges that will enhance the chances of acceptability of your incumbency and prospect for faster career growth.

Myself Devdat, Resume & Linkedin Profile writer.Email id:,M:+91 9811664625.


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