And you thought your achievements, academics are quite impressive ones which will call you for the interview, sorry my dear. The most competent CVs strive for some initial punches and starting

We may call it Career Summary, Executive précis or Career Synopsis, it’s the most underestimated yet the most vital & decisive portion of the CV. Unfortunately most of the candidates don’t understand the importance of this location and they consider it as a part of Resume decorum. They frame sentences which are full of management jargons, self praises and clichés which naturally creates detest in the psyche of the Recruiter.

Spice up your Resume journey with a bang; after all it’s about you only and you worth it.

  1. Nickname: Backed by your rich & prolific experience have you garnered any impactful professional title viz. turnaround architect, highly acclaimed change agent, IT strategist, and Business transformation leader amongst others.
  2. Stellar Performance : Out of the best achievements pick n choose the finest one  or the game changer one and corroborate it with quantifiable statements and see the difference.
  3. Career Growth: Express your professional saga from the humble beginnings of the early years to the current excellence with verve.
  4. Breadth of Exposure: portray Ocean of your domain knowledge and to have maximum coverage always showcase it with phrases or snippets.
  5. Expertise: Stretch a bit more and notify your additional deftness; a solid support to your core forte.
  6. Global footprints: Enlist different strategic geographies you have covered coupled with official reasons of globe-trotting.
  7. Accolades: Rank them always and put across the most covetous ones only i.e. Chairman’s award.
  8. Business forte: Talk about your business approach or style of management, also throw some light on your business mantra or secret of success which has brought you this far.
  9. Personal credo: Travel an extra mile and share about your unique disposition and temperament with a touch of honesty off course.

By now you have extended a very warm welcome to the Resume reader; effecting in he will reckon you a genuine and methodical candidate. In the above section you have introduced yourself in a very structured way which depicts your high- caliber stature and above all your confidence and gut feeling.

Myself Devdat, Professional Resume  & Linkedin Profile writer.My Email: and M: +91 9811664625.


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