About me


Professional Resume Writer,Personal Branding Strategist,Resume Analyst,Resume Blogger,Owner at RESUMEWORTH Consulting

For Resume writing the procedure followed is:

• Analyzing the raw/basic Resume

• Prepare the questionnaire based on profile.

• Constant interaction with the candidate for requisite detail.

• Emphasizing the objective part of resume which makes it a focused resume

• Highlighting the career accomplishments.

• Highlighting personal & professional calibre which candidate intends to

• Accentuating the quantifiable achievements for corroboration.

• Discussing career aspiration

• Revamping resume

And finally strengthening the Personal Branding of the Resume.


I divide the constitution of resume in three fundamental divisions:
Executive précis: Where significance is given about your forte or expertise with particular mentioning about your functionality of the domain area you manage.
Professional experience: Along with the role you performed emphasis will be on quantifiable achievement, your decision making ability and your natural abilities e.g. Leadership skills, organizing caliber and team ship.
Beyond workspace: What about you professional alliance, Specified Training or seminar, Extracurricular activities


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