One of the crucial qualifications for CXO position or leadership hiring is having excellent Team management proficiency. And interestingly we all mention about Team management in our Resumes without failing but that’s not sufficient. An employer today wants to have assurance, conviction and proof from your end, prior to reach at any hiring decision.

Leadership is becoming a team sport.

At this juncture employer is comfortable with your all kinds of functional accomplishments but having a history of superb team management; is he hunting for in your profile.

Team Management doesn’t entail always to the subordinate but also to the Top Management Teams and their lies the issues of fitment or gelling with the peer group.

Similarly you might have pedagogy of managing huge consumer base and large team from industries like ecommerce and Mfg sectors or from discerning small team; all falls under the segment of relevant stakeholders.


How have your team fetched a trophy for the company for their exemplary performance mention it superlatively.

Your contribution in leadership hiring through talent spotting, grooming them and conceiving them for leadership pipeline is worth stating.

Membership in Strategic core team as a “Company Think Tank” is another magnificent example to show your eligibility.

In a Matrix environment it is also advantageous to share the story about managing remotely located virtual team or Real Team.

 A note of caution

The team at the top may be the most difficult to manage and lead. Rivalries, strong personalities and different notions of the future make it a tough job indeed. Hence avid optimism, bit of a daredevil, quick witted, determined temperament will mould you into a strong team person.

Leadership Challenges

Most of the employees work pretty well at the beginning. But after the “honeymoon” period, staffs become sloppy and unmotivated. Eventually, some resign or let go. Keeping them motivated through value of planning and by taking advantage of circumstances is a core tenet.

You’re embarking on new adventures and remember an informed decision has a higher chance of being correct therefore a leader or even team leader is also of team builder which makes Leadership skills a priority.

But if the teams are structured and directed right, they can be of immense value to the company.

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  • One of the important aspects of CXO Resume is to show; above your Managerial wisdom that you are a GOOD HUMAN BEING and that can be indicated through your voluntary engagements and Community development initiatives.
  • Concentrate on “complete P&L accountability” and harp on Profitable growth rather than Top line growth.
  • At 99 degree centigrade water is hot; adding one degree centigrade will convert the water into steam and that steam can move a locomotive engine; many organizations fall short of that 1 or 2 degrees centigrade and there lies of emergence of C-suite vacancies.


  • The ultimate ambition of any professional is to reach the zenith of the career journey and that is to see self as Business Head or CXO as the last innings.


  • C-suite positions are having three broad categories:
  • MD/CEO, 2) CEO/Business Unit head, 3) CXO, COO, CMO etc.

Business Mantra

Talk about exponential growth with profitability, Driving the people practice, running the P&L to meet the business objectives has resulted in bespoke performance and phenomenal growth.

  • There is a million dollar question, is CXO CVs are different, yes there is stark difference as it is meant to launch you into diffrent orbit.


  • Mark the difference in the CV as you are going make the difference.


  • To start with as the saying goes, “Morning shows the day”; enumerate the accountability of the early or formative years of career. It shows that you nurtured a vision, risk appetite, Leadership streak, extra mile to run, and transformed yourself too,


  • Show that you have grown up from humble beginnings and reached thus far and excelling the leadership position, me not feeling guilt for several job hopping as you have grabbed offers by convincing interview panel and also in each stint proved through stellar performances.


  • In fact it does not matter from where do you start but it does matter where you reach, a huge leap, and reached here not because of legacy of bosses.


  • A significant eligibility for CXO category is to have decisive leadership skills; i.e. “I can hit my team to swear by me”. “What I say to the team they blindly believe, standby what I say because I know my team.” One of the best definitions of Leadership virtue is to have loyal followers.


  • Another vital quality is creating a powerful statement by developing a strong goodwill, a refined individual amongst others, positioned as Brand Ambassador, Hands-on experience in managing crisis situation or as Image management representative.


  • Highlight your ventures on reconfiguration of the Team approach, carving out competent business policies, Challenges of implementation any complex situation, a designated turned around Architect, Infusion of Innovation Culture, articulation of competitive strengths to surpass previous goals with clear value proposition by staying agile.


  • There are many people in this world who knows many things but there are very few people who know how to articulate them.


In Resume generally we tend to write only nice things, I mean about our accomplishments, accolades, Career elevation etc.etc. Which presents a decent picture about us. But as a Resume author I have always been intrigued by which kind of candidates or Resumes gets selected for senior positions.

Let us come back to the research side, I have done intensive study with Recruitment Professionals that out of zillion CVs what qualities they hunt for, and to no surprise they always scratch bit more i.e. search for beyond the obvious.

The flipside of the coin is every candidate is unique & gifted, When I discuss with candidates about their performances they share with me about their unique qualities like having intuition, attribute of sniffing success, Playing a crucial role etc. but they are unable to translate these finer nuances of the brilliancy into bio data and there remains the larger disconnect or Gap which is very harmful for career growth.

Stand out in the crowd with the “power of personalisation” because you are as different as you can be.

In coming lines I would outline few of the salient features, study them and introspect, and next time incorporate them in your new profile and see the difference, definitely the interview calls would be from very good companies and for challenging roles, after all it’s your business statement.



  • Dare quotient: an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value. Shower with incidences where you have shown courage and impressed upon the senior management.


  • Risk Appetite: New ideas are always tentative and their results may not be instantaneous and positive therefore the willingness to assume risk is a must. Mention about your Risk proposition aggressively.


  • Team Excellence: Provide a holistic picture about enhancing teams’ execution, acclimating team to new systems, led the team to perform above standard, coached and trained employee motivation, disseminating the information to the individual team members.


  • Futuristic Outlook: Share your efforts regarding recommendations offered by you to the Top Management and also about its approval & implementations.


  • One-man Army: You have manoeuvred single handedly several projects and you got applauds for the same, also you have proven track record of initiative and ambition.


  • Transformation of the Corporate culture: Talk about unifying the thought pattern for optimising the Competitive Advantage by changing a culture of the organisation.


  • Harbinger: Leaders have always followers but they have also people of diverse perspectives who can disagree with you. Discuss about “First mover advantage strategy” as a Value chain for healthy bottom-line contribution.


  • ROI in Training initiative: As we know that Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention one invest in it, the greater the yield. Hence spotting talent, grooming and readiness for Leadership pipeline is a forte to be showcased.


  • Bounce back: Failure isn’t always a bad thing. The best suited line is “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” — Chinese Proverb. What’s wrong in mentioning about underperformance but because of strategy rejig you arrested the loss and superseded the target figure.


  • entrepreneurial thought leaders: It’s a mind-set that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous, for a moment simply leave aside all the accomplishments rather yell loudly that you are self-directed, and a person of Impeccable ethics and a high-level of integrity.


A company can’t buy true emotional commitment from managers no matter how much it’s willing to spend; this is something too valuable to have a price tag. And yet a company can’t afford not to have it. Therefore remember you have all the qualities to be successful for accelerated career growth simply tell it on the CV.

Your image in the Resume

Our whole life is dependent on image we carve out. As per the definition image is a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. For sure here I am going to talk about the image a Resume creates.

Once you float CV for the dream position it gets shortlisted in your “absence” and once interview is over panellists take decision in your “absence”. In your absence it’s your image which plays the decisive role.

An image is a feel, an aura which comes out from your profile. In fact it’s your flavour and essence which is you.

Study your resume several times; also appeal your friends to share an honest confession that’s you.

Here I would take help from an HR profile to make you understand the importance of your image.

Look at the broader sense or Macro level on below mentioned points……

  • I a Brand ambassador of the company exemplified myself to evolve as a leader with followers to face Human Capital challenges.


  • Defining how HR directly contributes to the business as it is no more operational HR or support function. HR understand the business scenario, it’s not merely about PMS, C&B or L&D etc. instead an integrating initiative of HR & Business aspect.


  • Challenge enjoyment, embracing complexities has brought me towards a hostile culture where value for people was very low, Functional Managers used to yell at me, I don’t need brain to work rather a pair of leg to work. They used to evaluate human beings with an abusive remarks like “Yaar ye to Gadha hai, Yeh to Ghora hai, Dhakkan hai, yeh to Stepney hai” and “Bande se dhanda chaihye”, is it right to quantify them always, they are not commodity. At the end of the day everyone is human being, we have hired them therefore we should respect them; we should treat them well “preserve the dignity of the individual. After all their performance has direct bearings on the kind of culture we offer to them.


  • I implanted culture of cohesive working atmosphere, growth and performance, Fostered sense of Community, Instilled mindfulness in culture. I shared the career growth path, larger picture with the employees, and how can we take the organisation together forward.


  • Talent war is in full swing there is no scarcity but picking a befitting candidate for 0nboarding is a big challenge. Me selling a job to him, he selling is skill, the marriage to last must value adds.


  • Me as an eternal learner hence always creating my own succession in the organisation, a true believer nurturing leadership pipeline through talent spotting & providing them ample scope to grow.

Friends these points nobody writes in the Resume but it should get reflected, a feel of above must be felt to have a futuristic image of yours. Because ultimately you will be hired by the values you are bringing to the table.

Create a Brand face, an all –new benchmark decked with outstanding performance and true business athleticism to reckon


And you thought your achievements, academics are quite impressive ones which will call you for the interview, sorry my dear. The most competent CVs strive for some initial punches and starting

We may call it Career Summary, Executive précis or Career Synopsis, it’s the most underestimated yet the most vital & decisive portion of the CV. Unfortunately most of the candidates don’t understand the importance of this location and they consider it as a part of Resume decorum. They frame sentences which are full of management jargons, self praises and clichés which naturally creates detest in the psyche of the Recruiter.

Spice up your Resume journey with a bang; after all it’s about you only and you worth it.

  1. Nickname: Backed by your rich & prolific experience have you garnered any impactful professional title viz. turnaround architect, highly acclaimed change agent, IT strategist, and Business transformation leader amongst others.
  2. Stellar Performance : Out of the best achievements pick n choose the finest one  or the game changer one and corroborate it with quantifiable statements and see the difference.
  3. Career Growth: Express your professional saga from the humble beginnings of the early years to the current excellence with verve.
  4. Breadth of Exposure: portray Ocean of your domain knowledge and to have maximum coverage always showcase it with phrases or snippets.
  5. Expertise: Stretch a bit more and notify your additional deftness; a solid support to your core forte.
  6. Global footprints: Enlist different strategic geographies you have covered coupled with official reasons of globe-trotting.
  7. Accolades: Rank them always and put across the most covetous ones only i.e. Chairman’s award.
  8. Business forte: Talk about your business approach or style of management, also throw some light on your business mantra or secret of success which has brought you this far.
  9. Personal credo: Travel an extra mile and share about your unique disposition and temperament with a touch of honesty off course.

By now you have extended a very warm welcome to the Resume reader; effecting in he will reckon you a genuine and methodical candidate. In the above section you have introduced yourself in a very structured way which depicts your high- caliber stature and above all your confidence and gut feeling.

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cravat-987584_1920I have my Linkedin profile, but I rarely visit to it, yes I have mentioned about job experience but in case of Linkedin Summary honestly speaking I don’t know what to write, how to write. In fact I don’t know the how to have add-value from it.

But Linkedin Summary is a unique location as it gives you an opportunity to say hello to your visitors. Make relationship with them by not only inviting them but to show your flavour & essence in to it, give life to it by injecting your personality to it.

We generally speak that your profile should be professionally written, but summary is a place where you can vent out your different facets of personality, your own ideas, your values , your work passions ,even your emotions but with a dash of enthusiasm.

Ideally your Linkedin Summary should be around 3–5 short paragraphs long and you’ve got 2,000 characters, so there’s plenty of space to be creative. Let’s start writing it…….

Master Story teller

Don’t worry about it; start your story with simple introduction about your career journey so far with a detail account of your areas of experience.

Awards & Accolades

I know you are a high performer and have got long list of awards but hold on rank them and just mention one or two the covetous ones  and off course with reasons.

Business Mantras

You have just not done your job down the years but also got some secret sauces share it audaciously with the world. Gut feeling yeah!

Add Colour to your life

Why don’t you exemplify your achievement by enjoying portrayal of significant photographs, videos, and slideshow presentations, Website links, Newspaper cuttings and your creative blogs?

Personal Scorings

Tell us about your school report card viz. MBTI Profile, Gallup Strengths, Enneagram Test to name a few.

 Flip a Coin

Enough of business talks, getting bored have some spice of hobbies, CSR drive, voluntary engagements; globe-trotting and many more things just feel free.

Tampering with Temperament

Define yourself, be little bit philosophical, talk about your personal dogmas and doctrine but in relation to your domain area only.

Few Don’ts

Never ever give a slightest hint that you are scouting pastures for better career alternative. Never do bragging as they say success speaks of itself.

Last but not the Least

We are in the era of keywords, have a good collection of them as specialities or core expertise to make your Linkedin profile highly searchable.

Your Linkedin Summary is ready for the show and just see visitors flocking in, simply keep on updating it from time to time and rest is assured.


Myself Devdat, Executive Resume Writer and Linkedin Profile Writer.My Email id is,M:+91 9811664625.


bald-eagle-1728739_960_720Every Marketing Professional aspires to become CMO at the zenith of his career. And after having stellar performance in a long career journey, it’s high time to venture out in a CXO bracket as CMO.

Interestingly Company Heads prefer to elevate CMOs as future Business Head or COO. Now to become the most sought after candidate for this covetous position, you need to do little bit of profile makeover, off course to your application sheet called bio data.

You have crafted your resume with all your success scriptures but wait for a while, expectations from you would be beyond the call of the duty. Therefore upgrade your CV more than the clutches of Roles & Responsibilities you have furnished.

As we know people don’t buy product they buy brand. Branding is just like nursing a new born baby, Hence Brands are always meant to be felt.

Pertinent points to ponder are……..

Personal Branding

  • To stand out among other candidates from similar vintage show that ability and penchant to comprehend, appreciate, package, create new concepts & visions and create the consumer market for it.
  • Highlight your personal credo by showing  calibre for strategy building capability, thought leadership and complete intuition for Consumer behaviour.
  • Reflect the competence for taking decisions at the spur of the moment or sometimes you have to take a call for go or no go within a fraction of second i.e. your risk appetite.

Exceptional Credits

  • Display your experience for New Category Development, Global Brand Leadership, Revenue Accountability,New Business creation amongst others.
  • Talk about practicing Brand conflict to avoid cannibalisation and harvesting good amount of returns from both the portfolios.
  • Also show adeptness in Manufacturing Understanding of Product along with deftness in Supply Chain Mechanism.
  • Portray maximum multidisciplinary marketing activities.
  • Instead of  generalising the things talk of expertise predominantly.

Embracing challenges

  • Marketing has been more of an art than a science, but with the data explosion things have much more reliant on data and technical know-how.
  • Express your keenness for up scaling people in the digital content marketing which is more data-driven and have real-time decisionmaking quality and to drive demand.
  • Be a front runner in the area of digital, big data, content and one-to-one personalized marketing, especially in the b-to-b space.Data analytics is also very promising. Grapple with marketing automation platform and social technologies.
  • It is not easy to validate projected ROI. For the CMO to determine the worth of a structured strategy, data is needed, but the online market is so unpredictable that finding robust evidence to get funding for a new strategy is costly at best.
  • With the unorganised nature of modern marketing avenues, budgeting becomes a real challenge. The CMO needs to make sure that funding can cover all areas of marketing.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge for Integrated Marketing Communication and COEs as they help in creating a larger picture or vision & mission for the brand and ability to drive the brand architecture across the entire product basket.

Team Excellence

  • Impart 100% empowerment and transparency to the team and define boundary and framework to operate experiment and explore with a smile on the face.
  • Figure out the need for individual coaching in a particular area for upgrading the skillset.
  • Invoke culture and cultivate the people, inculcate the appetite for learning because same doctrine would not be applied to everyone hence individual type of attention & coaching is a must.

Personal Growth & Development

  • Continuously evolve yourself by being receptive to new learning, what the consumer is saying and the feedback which will set future course of action.
  • Seek the opportunity and have a personal coach for mirroring self.

You should not confine your resume to your day to day exposure area only instead upgrade or position it to address emerging Marketing challenges that will enhance the chances of acceptability of your incumbency and prospect for faster career growth.

Myself Devdat, Resume & Linkedin Profile writer.Email id:,M:+91 9811664625.