cravat-987584_1920I have my Linkedin profile, but I rarely visit to it, yes I have mentioned about job experience but in case of Linkedin Summary honestly speaking I don’t know what to write, how to write. In fact I don’t know the how to have add-value from it.

But Linkedin Summary is a unique location as it gives you an opportunity to say hello to your visitors. Make relationship with them by not only inviting them but to show your flavour & essence in to it, give life to it by injecting your personality to it.

We generally speak that your profile should be professionally written, but summary is a place where you can vent out your different facets of personality, your own ideas, your values , your work passions ,even your emotions but with a dash of enthusiasm.

Ideally your Linkedin Summary should be around 3–5 short paragraphs long and you’ve got 2,000 characters, so there’s plenty of space to be creative. Let’s start writing it…….

Master Story teller

Don’t worry about it; start your story with simple introduction about your career journey so far with a detail account of your areas of experience.

Awards & Accolades

I know you are a high performer and have got long list of awards but hold on rank them and just mention one or two the covetous ones  and off course with reasons.

Business Mantras

You have just not done your job down the years but also got some secret sauces share it audaciously with the world. Gut feeling yeah!

Add Colour to your life

Why don’t you exemplify your achievement by enjoying portrayal of significant photographs, videos, and slideshow presentations, Website links, Newspaper cuttings and your creative blogs?

Personal Scorings

Tell us about your school report card viz. MBTI Profile, Gallup Strengths, Enneagram Test to name a few.

 Flip a Coin

Enough of business talks, getting bored have some spice of hobbies, CSR drive, voluntary engagements; globe-trotting and many more things just feel free.

Tampering with Temperament

Define yourself, be little bit philosophical, talk about your personal dogmas and doctrine but in relation to your domain area only.

Few Don’ts

Never ever give a slightest hint that you are scouting pastures for better career alternative. Never do bragging as they say success speaks of itself.

Last but not the Least

We are in the era of keywords, have a good collection of them as specialities or core expertise to make your Linkedin profile highly searchable.

Your Linkedin Summary is ready for the show and just see visitors flocking in, simply keep on updating it from time to time and rest is assured.


Myself Devdat, Executive Resume Writer and Linkedin Profile Writer.My Email id is,M:+91 9811664625.



bald-eagle-1728739_960_720Every Marketing Professional aspires to become CMO at the zenith of his career. And after having stellar performance in a long career journey, it’s high time to venture out in a CXO bracket as CMO.

Interestingly Company Heads prefer to elevate CMOs as future Business Head or COO. Now to become the most sought after candidate for this covetous position, you need to do little bit of profile makeover, off course to your application sheet called bio data.

You have crafted your resume with all your success scriptures but wait for a while, expectations from you would be beyond the call of the duty. Therefore upgrade your CV more than the clutches of Roles & Responsibilities you have furnished.

As we know people don’t buy product they buy brand. Branding is just like nursing a new born baby, Hence Brands are always meant to be felt.

Pertinent points to ponder are……..

Personal Branding

  • To stand out among other candidates from similar vintage show that ability and penchant to comprehend, appreciate, package, create new concepts & visions and create the consumer market for it.
  • Highlight your personal credo by showing  calibre for strategy building capability, thought leadership and complete intuition for Consumer behaviour.
  • Reflect the competence for taking decisions at the spur of the moment or sometimes you have to take a call for go or no go within a fraction of second i.e. your risk appetite.

Exceptional Credits

  • Display your experience for New Category Development, Global Brand Leadership, Revenue Accountability,New Business creation amongst others.
  • Talk about practicing Brand conflict to avoid cannibalisation and harvesting good amount of returns from both the portfolios.
  • Also show adeptness in Manufacturing Understanding of Product along with deftness in Supply Chain Mechanism.
  • Portray maximum multidisciplinary marketing activities.
  • Instead of  generalising the things talk of expertise predominantly.

Embracing challenges

  • Marketing has been more of an art than a science, but with the data explosion things have much more reliant on data and technical know-how.
  • Express your keenness for up scaling people in the digital content marketing which is more data-driven and have real-time decisionmaking quality and to drive demand.
  • Be a front runner in the area of digital, big data, content and one-to-one personalized marketing, especially in the b-to-b space.Data analytics is also very promising. Grapple with marketing automation platform and social technologies.
  • It is not easy to validate projected ROI. For the CMO to determine the worth of a structured strategy, data is needed, but the online market is so unpredictable that finding robust evidence to get funding for a new strategy is costly at best.
  • With the unorganised nature of modern marketing avenues, budgeting becomes a real challenge. The CMO needs to make sure that funding can cover all areas of marketing.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge for Integrated Marketing Communication and COEs as they help in creating a larger picture or vision & mission for the brand and ability to drive the brand architecture across the entire product basket.

Team Excellence

  • Impart 100% empowerment and transparency to the team and define boundary and framework to operate experiment and explore with a smile on the face.
  • Figure out the need for individual coaching in a particular area for upgrading the skillset.
  • Invoke culture and cultivate the people, inculcate the appetite for learning because same doctrine would not be applied to everyone hence individual type of attention & coaching is a must.

Personal Growth & Development

  • Continuously evolve yourself by being receptive to new learning, what the consumer is saying and the feedback which will set future course of action.
  • Seek the opportunity and have a personal coach for mirroring self.

You should not confine your resume to your day to day exposure area only instead upgrade or position it to address emerging Marketing challenges that will enhance the chances of acceptability of your incumbency and prospect for faster career growth.

Myself Devdat, Resume & Linkedin Profile writer.Email id:,M:+91 9811664625.

CFO Resume with a cutting-edge

CFO recruitment has already begun to hit high notes in India & abroad because of shape-shift in financial ecosystem in a changed dynamics. Today visionary CFOs are high in demand. Therefore your Resume must showcase your objective to go for an extra mile which will create a competitive edge between you and the competition.

My keen observations by interacting with the several senior most Finance professionals across the industry verticals has prompted me to jot down few lines to highlight farsighted business acumen which will put you as a class apart profile.

Shun the Stereotype CFO Resumes, instead your CV must reflect that you are a person who is thinking & bringing future, you are the mouthpiece of focused investment. The essence of the CV must depict gelling of the company aspirations with your interventions, you are steering the business as a high contributory individual who is functioning beyond the call of the duty in fact your role is undergoing a historic transformation.

Showcase following 5 salient facets of your profile while crafting Resume:

  1. Time Perceptions


  • Some well-established financial acumen like metrics, margins, EBITDA, Auditor’s analysis, Ratio, Technical analysis, EPS, ERP tools and share prices are ill suited for futuristic strategic decision making as they are too internally focused moreover these figures are coming in a quite systematic manner, yet statistically & mathematically correct but less challenging, they show progress against the pre-set of expectations hence inept to create value in future hence they are known as lagging indicators or historical perspective” instead you emphasize about “leading indicators or future perspective” which delves in creating value by giving directions to the business for future.


  1. Value Creation


  • Talk more on System creation, Strategy ideation & implementation exposure. As head of Finance you are supposed to understand the ins and outs of business, you should understand complicated technical process and even if given chance be ready to give lecture on product portfolio from competitors point of view so that an advice can be given and there lies your “differentiation” as a well-rounded knowledgeable person.


  • Get close to the business process, understand the current industry scenario of it and try to address issues related to Sales, Process or Product, an effort to drive them in different direction.


  • At the time of presentation to the top management Business & Financial Analysis should portray the sync with declared strategy, also focus under your tutelage what distinction has been created.


  1. Competency Edge


  • A business target of let’s say $100 million can be touched through different drivers i.e. applications, new customers, product ranges or several regions etc. Add value by creating an information system of customer spread and sales presence across the region or devise Customer segmentation strategy and Pricing discovery, a reason to success.


  • Show your forte for complete planning that is highlight more on Financial planning which does not only means Budgeting &Forecasting or Financial Planning could be Excel template but in detail it consists of two major parts (i)Strategy Planning & (ii)Business Planning , further the most crucial subject is Strategy Planning-Customer Segmentation, As-is analysis, SWOT Financial Analysis, Business plans with drivers, Long term plan, Operating yearly Planning and last but not the least  is Monthly Planning.


  • Also have courage to voice about tweaking of the strategy or resilience in the strategy structuring.


  1. Teamship


  • Mention that you have revitalized the Finance team through hiring brilliant financial wizards, made the Process & tools faster and simplified for them, created small financial tools for the finance team to explain financial figures with conviction i.e. visualise the future value by creating value today.


  • Substantiate that even in Matrix reporting environment you have been a successful team player both for virtual as well real teams.


  1. Collaborative Mind-set


  • Show that you have established perfect rapport between CFO& CIO to develop analytics capabilities, thus arming the businesses with the competent data and operational insight needed for optimal excellence.


  • Besides having significant partnership with cross functional departments develop strong association with HR deptt by participating in to Leadership Hiring, assisting HR for skill gap analysis. And in case requisite financial data is not giving satisfactorily result, challenge the HR for additional resources or for competent Human Capital, for HR Planning Finance could be a good vertical to collaborate. Thus both are in the same page. In nut shell HR assessment of strategic thinking, strong leadership, communication skills is must to judge operational expertise.

I’m sure by including above pointers in your CV you will be able to establish a “forward looking” impression who believes in creating a niche value for the business.

Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He is MBA from XISS and can be reached at and +919811664625. 


“Study his train of thoughts and you will find he’s gone thru fiery furnace and will prove an asset.”


                                                               Let me start this article with a fresh incidence, A candidate came to me for Resume revamping his profile when I perused, 12 job changes in 13 years, now at this juncture by some misfortune he lost his job but wants to apply fresh, His family life torn apart, proud father of two young daughters, wife took him to psychiatrist and has been diagnosed Bipolar Mental disorder and worst psychiatrist reasoned because of mental disorder there are so many job switches.

                                                              As I started conversing with him frequently he repeated, I do not have confidence to attend the interview because I feel as I’ve done crime by switching so many jobs in the past. Literally he broke down, not because of social stigma but because of debacle imposed upon him as mental patient, which he was not, vouching myself by talking to him and by studying his CV full of accolades & accomplishments.

                                                                 I am not a psychiatrist either but suggested him that smiling faces of his beautiful daughters are the best medicine for him, spend playful time with them. You will feel alighted and muster courage. 

                                                                 Everybody knows the public impression of “job hopping” is bad.  It can show immaturity, a lack of commitment, and a lack of loyalty too.

                                                                   I want to ask you, is his Career finished forever, has he committed any sort of sin by changing so many companies? Why his history of frequent job switching is seen as mentally unstable or potential odd employee in the organization if recruited.

                                                                 I think this is the direct challenge to the HIRING HEADS.

                                                               Yes the candidate has changed as many jobs as he could but nobody gifted him any job. He got thru them by his sheer gut feeling and brilliancy. And instead of simply rejecting his application at the drop of hat why can’t his exposure and achievements are analyzed carefully. If you probe the reasons of job switch I am sure majorly you will find valid and authentic reasons and I am not advocating them thru this Blog post but most of the job hoppers are very intelligent rather genius. Before designating them as dubious candidate why can’t we check their job knowledge & peer network? At the most, rejection is the final resort.

                                                             And for job hoppers also make it point that you’ll be grilled like anything because of this act of job hopping but mind my words STAND BY IT ready with convincing answers and I am sure you will come out with flying colors from interview  

                                                                            The flip side of the coin is that they are not begging for the job rather Complacency word is not in their dictionary.


                                                                              We make very cushy HR retention policies but this kind of cases if picked meticulously can make you a very good “HR Mentor”. Again I am reiterating picking this kind of candidate who hate to play safe can be gauged by HR connoisseurs only.

                                                                     In a plain language a diamond can only be cut by a diamond. You know the dare is to recognize the caliber and groom the Human Capital.

                                                             And who are the best HR Managers, those who can sniff talent from afar.


“Decision makers of the corporate world be decisive for the self & rule the roost.”

                                                    This is one of the most difficult questions asked in interview and very difficult to convince too, before this notorious question spoilsport your interview take an antidotal action to avoid it and most probably that would be rather most suggested one would be to look for job change. Does this sound provocative?



Why are you looking for job change  another most oft question in interview and the most ready-made answer for the same  is, for better prospects, sounds very diplomatic and believe me it rarely works because employer is also sick of listening same answer again and again.



Recently a senior Professional from a reputed Hotel chain desired to me for Resume writing, he was a consistent performer in the same group for the last 15+ years but he was not being promoted after a certain grade, naturally dissatisfaction was creeping in and some way out was imperative. The Peculiarity of his situation was that many people were being promoted in his division but just because of his less qualification he was not being considered, is it that his world ends there for him?



Research shows that many people are hesitant to look for job change because according to them they may be branded as job hoppers instead they solace themselves that they are in a learning stage and until the realization comes that they should have, they enter the stage of repentance.



Do not just work day by day, the another name of professional world is shrewd world, one fine day you may find your colleague, identical in age & experience to you, got a big jump as a new offer. Always keep your eyes n ears open thru career sites & vacancies related to your domain areas that what kind designation & compensation you command currently or are you lagging behind, if yes pull up your socks and look for career switch.



You are not an under-performer employee but undervalued, surely you are at a wrong place with no sign of career elevation, staying there is sheer wastage of your precious time span. As the saying goes if you won’t come out on your own you will be forced to come out by the circumstances. Therefore when you are confident of your dazzle, someone will honor you with due recognition but you’ll have to come out from the complacent cocoon at the earliest.



Nothing can stop you to grow understand this to the core of your heart, if you have been under-performer lately due to some unforeseen reasons especially poor equation with the new boss just look for some other better alternative and take it for granted that it’s not your cup of tea, Remember every worst happens for the best. Something somewhere more worthier opportunity is waiting for you, go and hunt it and the whole world will be yours.



Remember in this deathly combative & ambitious corporate world nobody will listen to your so- called story of missing the boat during the interview session. The world is craving not for experience but for expertise that too from fresh & innovative ideations.



Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He can be reached at M: +919811664625.