“Decision makers of the corporate world be decisive for the self & rule the roost.”

                                                    This is one of the most difficult questions asked in interview and very difficult to convince too, before this notorious question spoilsport your interview take an antidotal action to avoid it and most probably that would be rather most suggested one would be to look for job change. Does this sound provocative?



Why are you looking for job change  another most oft question in interview and the most ready-made answer for the same  is, for better prospects, sounds very diplomatic and believe me it rarely works because employer is also sick of listening same answer again and again.



Recently a senior Professional from a reputed Hotel chain desired to me for Resume writing, he was a consistent performer in the same group for the last 15+ years but he was not being promoted after a certain grade, naturally dissatisfaction was creeping in and some way out was imperative. The Peculiarity of his situation was that many people were being promoted in his division but just because of his less qualification he was not being considered, is it that his world ends there for him?



Research shows that many people are hesitant to look for job change because according to them they may be branded as job hoppers instead they solace themselves that they are in a learning stage and until the realization comes that they should have, they enter the stage of repentance.



Do not just work day by day, the another name of professional world is shrewd world, one fine day you may find your colleague, identical in age & experience to you, got a big jump as a new offer. Always keep your eyes n ears open thru career sites & vacancies related to your domain areas that what kind designation & compensation you command currently or are you lagging behind, if yes pull up your socks and look for career switch.



You are not an under-performer employee but undervalued, surely you are at a wrong place with no sign of career elevation, staying there is sheer wastage of your precious time span. As the saying goes if you won’t come out on your own you will be forced to come out by the circumstances. Therefore when you are confident of your dazzle, someone will honor you with due recognition but you’ll have to come out from the complacent cocoon at the earliest.



Nothing can stop you to grow understand this to the core of your heart, if you have been under-performer lately due to some unforeseen reasons especially poor equation with the new boss just look for some other better alternative and take it for granted that it’s not your cup of tea, Remember every worst happens for the best. Something somewhere more worthier opportunity is waiting for you, go and hunt it and the whole world will be yours.



Remember in this deathly combative & ambitious corporate world nobody will listen to your so- called story of missing the boat during the interview session. The world is craving not for experience but for expertise that too from fresh & innovative ideations.



Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume Writer. He can be reached at  devdat23@gmail.com M: +919811664625. 


                                               We are very proud of our own Resume, in fact quite possessive about it, after all it’s our own career saga and we do not want to adulterate by somebody else’s so called valuable suggestion .But after sometime when the honeymoon with the Resume gets over we realize that strange no interview calls, there must be something wrong with the CV.

                                         Beside many other mistakes in resume the most unacceptable & underrated fault we commit is designing self Centered CV. which becomes disastrous for further career elevation even for high potential candidates.

Locations where we show our self centered attitude in CV:

  • Focusing on a Positive Personality

Many people look through adjective lists for resume writing in order to market themselves as great potential co-workers. You want to make sure that you showcase that you have a great positive personality as well as the skills required to excel at your job. Consider that each adjective you use is a chance to show a relationship that you have a great outlook on life, and that you are an optimistic team member, not just a pessimistic follower or a self-centered leader. 

  • A resume isn’t a memoir

You don’t know how to write a resume because you don’t know how to read one, there lies the thin difference.

According to one HR Manager; I’ve perused hundreds of resumes. You know what I looked for? Very little.

A resume is supposed to hit your highlights, not tell your life story.

So you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to impress me with how well-rounded you are. But trying to do so too soon tells me a couple things you don’t want me to know…

  • It’s about creating VALUE.

One of the biggest and “most popular” mistakes job seekers make in the Cover Letter is to recite that already expressed on the Resume/CV. This is not a productive technique for a job candidate. To a prospective employer, the Cover Letter should illustrate how one would create added VALUE to the company if given the position.

First, tailor the Cover Letter for a “specific” job position (Never use a “standard format” or template where you only switch names, dates and addresses). A good Cover Letter will make an applicant’s skills and the job description parallel to one another. This is the VALUE element.

The employer should realize an instant contribution from the applicant after reading the Cover Letter. There must be an immediate connection between the following: applicant, specific job position, employer.

 The Cover Letter should not address an applicant’s desire for change in environment or need for added experience. Both will come across to an employer as being self-centered.

  • The Objective Statement: (No Longer Necessary)

“The profile should support your career target; yet unlike an objective, it should identify with the employer’s needs rather than your wants.”

The Objective Statement is now looked upon as outdated. The Objective Statement of most job-seekers are very self-centered with no employer focus. The statement usually describes the candidate’s future goals and aspirations. They do not convey how the candidate will fill the needs of the employer, where such need are conveyed through the description in the job posting.

Employment candidates should instead use a Profile or Statement of Goals (both relative to the current position) in lieu of the Objective Statement. Either option should be job-focused, displaying how current skills and previous experiences will bring value to the employer. The Profile or Statement of Goals should not include a candidates future aspirations or need for “other opportunities.”  This can come across as a sign of instability as well.

Remember, every part of the resume should somehow focus on the employer’s needs and not the individual goals of the candidate.

The personal statement is the “selfish” document, listing what YOU want to accomplish. The resume should be used for the needs of the employer.

  • Sound Confident, but not too self-centered

Next hint deals with the tone of the written narration. You should sound Confident, but not too self-centered. Resume is your chance to show all the ‘prizes and trophies’ acquired in professional life. If you are shy to speak about your accomplishments, get some family members or friends to assist in listing your positive traces. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be so self-assured as to presume that an employer must make his own conclusions about your talents just from a simple mentioning of your high university degree. Remember that a diploma of a well-known university, being of course a nice bonus, doesn’t reveal any of your professional skills.

  • Put yourself in perspective

“Seeking challenging sales position with an innovative employer where I can utilize my creativity and strong interpersonal skills.”

What are the chances that a statement like that will impress employers?  Boring, self-centered objectives just help you blend into the crowd with thousands of other job-seekers.


 Off course it is your CV, about you, written by you but not for you.




During MBA days we learnt that Change is constant and now economy is not constant. Paradox …….

In this volatile economy when waiting period for Interview call is so high, you just can’t rest on your laurels, rather “spruce up “your CV and moreover your own time is not waiting for you while you have to go quite far before dusk.

Before applying for any position just ponder for awhile on your CV and that might make a difference.

Read on….

  •  We all know it takes less than a minute to read or rather scroll the CV for selection or rejection. But how do the Recruiters read Resumes, where do they spend most of the time for reading? Where can you give Initial thrust to generate interest?
  •  Just like First Impression in Interview First few lines of CV makes impression about you.
  •  The first sentence is of paramount importance  and mind it Recruiter is not going to be impressed by you here, He is just taking care of vital information  needed e.g. total years of experience, kind of exposure and in which kind of industries. While conveying these informations, neither exaggerate nor hesitate rather be discreet.
  • Just like your job experience,accomplishments &  awards give equal emphasis on personal Introduction as AN OVERVIEW.
  •  You are smart enough if you are summing up the above matter in just two lines or two sentences.
  •  Next step, just in one sentence give a solid punch about your personality in relation to your job e.g. Possess ability to innovate and perform under stringent situations and to come out with better alternative also Passionate to take along with people because teamship is the crux of success.
  • Gone are the days of writing “Area of expertise”, it is absolutely disastrous in this 2 page CV era.
  • While writing job roles stop writing general or ordinary sentences e.g. Conceptualized & implemented various sales promotional activities for market development and increase sale. Instead of this line be specific; explain for that particular product or technology what exact step you took.
  •   Job market is full of qualified  & talented candidates and companies cannot make compromises Therefore do not just highlight recognition, rewards & significant achievements. CV selection has gone beyond it, always try to highlight your leadership quality (which is always in great demand in corporate world), Risk appetite, Organizing skill and Teamship.
  •  Mind it Company is not going to hire any robot they want a human being with vision, intellect & logic.
  •  Your main aim should be of QUICK-SHORTLISTING of CV that’s possible majorly by sharing your management caliber in 2 page CV only.

Follow the above guidelines and I am sure you will present a “NEW YOU” in your CV and which will be a sure success.

 The author of this blogspot is Devdat Kr. a Professional Resume writer.He can be reached by devdat23@gmail.com


“Dilemmas are good if you fix them first.”

A candidate called me and seekth assistance for his career by narrating his story.


In the past rather in the initial years he changed jobs in quick succession. Now when he is being stuck up for further career progression blaming for all the job hopping done.


Came to resume writer for help and after Resume revamping found that he can’t withstand to resume because of its contemporary standard.


Unable to understand whether suitable openings are not available or the CV is not up to the mark.


Should have multiple CVs, maybe someday, sometime, somewhere, somehow,  something may turn-up, you never know when the things will click.


Sometime CV length is a problem; sometime amount of content is a problem or may be something can be written or presented in some better way to have better attraction


Everything seems ok of a Resume no flaws, then visual appeal becomes a problem,  perhaps by habit we tend to locate the reason of failure before the failure.


Especially senior level people after 20-25 yrs of experience feels uncomfortable when they see words like Career Précis, Academia, Personal vignette, IT Forte or accolades,  in their CV.A true case of change management as per them simple is beautiful.


They want the resume to be written by a Professional Resume Writer but don’t want that Resume should look like written by any professional.

Dilemma Dilemma everywhere, where to go!

We should  rather try to understand the limitation of a CV, its purpose is only to take you till interview table and nothing else. Rest will be history if you perform well.

This piece of article is not a cruel joke at their self created dilemmas but it is part of process during self introspection as a job applicant. And honestly speaking everybody goes through it sooner or later lesser or bigger.

But applying for a job by carrying baggage of this much dilemma is not a healthy sign rather its warning signal of debacle.

Instead of take them further share your confusions with your confidants to get some practical insights.

The Ratio for getting job is one is to infinity.

That means to become face in the crowd you have to dive into chaos with can-do, will-do attitude because journey to success starts with chaos only.

Wish you all the luck


Professional Resume Writer




You might have read this piece of news

http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/jobs/fake-cv-chances-are-your-company-will-catch-you-out/articleshow/11405137.cms?intenttarget=no via @ArchiveDigger

Now read my personal experiences:-

Me and faking CV no way, OMG its unethical, simply can’t think of.

HR Managers have view point that in mostly 40% of CV content is not real.

Any takers!

Resume faking means providing false info in terms of age, designation, profile, defunct companies etc. etc. but either this meaning is outdated or not relevant at least here.

Who says Faking Resume is a sin. See the Old wine in a new bottle.

Recently as I started revamping a Resume of SCM-Head, I was asked to write CV as PLANT HEAD not as SCM Head by the owner and rest is history. Writing CVs at gunpoint, anything is possible under the sun! Off course me not interested to tell my plight here.

Logic was also quite corroborative that in absence of his CEO a British expat he managed the whole plant and looked after production, supply chain and P&L accountability quite successfully but this sojourn was either intermittent or just for few months but the kind of confidence he mustered was second to none.

He emerged as a Plant Head in his revamped CV

Another example, 9 years of hardcore sales experience in FMCG, now fed up with chasing targets, ordered me for a professionally written CV mentioning Marketing, Brand Management etc.

I am indeed clueless, is this act bravery or what, an  better alternative option, smart move, exploiting the potential, good or bad, Is it that everything is fair in love n war, God help me.

Then why the hell we ask about forte while profiling any candidate.

I am sure HR Heads encounter this kind of “mishaps” every other day

The worst thing is in these type of instances lying is done very smartly, showing ambiguity in job roles.

One more interesting instance, an SBU Head approached me for CV; the beauty of his profile was that throughout his career he headed as Head of Product development and Business Development then by virtue of his caliber became SBU Head, within 13 months he is looking for career switch, now his demand is that in whole resume just talk about technical excellence and very less about present profile.

“Being original is indeed a rare quality but faking has a quality to peep through and get caught one day.”



                                     A Resume is a passport for the interview. A good resume is a canvas where you a draw straight line of career ascension. In war of hiring, a genuine contender will leave no stone unturned to show the best resume. Campus Placement is the easiest way to grab job because applicants are limited to your batch only and you all know each others’ pros and cons. But getting offer off the campus is really going through fiery furnace. You should design your resume in such a way that at the first look recruiter must say, call this candidate for interview and your job is half done.

                       Bust the misnomer that Freshers do not have much to write in their resume rather as a fresher they have lot of things to write and show that he/she is the best candidate because of the professional attributes by which has been groomed for.

As a fresher ponder on these points before crafting your first resume:


Be discerning because you career objective is the window to your Resume. Recruiter will read the whole resume only if he finds first few lines interesting. Write one or two sentences which are having the keywords Recruiter is searching in the resume for the position. For example MBA- Finance from premier B-school of India with a Mechanical Engineering background. Varied skill set including deep knowledge of Market Research, Corporate Finance, Macro-economic analysis and SAP.


Show your Methodical approach here by describing topic, Place & Duration, Team involved, Project details, Assistance from the Management, outcome and at last about Learnigs.


You should mention your favourite subjects taught in the course but mind two things you should have good command on these areas and second these chosen subjects should have strong relevance with the vacancy you have applied for then only it becomes meaningful to mention.


Detailing of subjects in you resume depicts your confidence in the subjects and these minor things have major effects to place you as cut above candidate.


Achievements could be Academic or Professional but the extract of it to show your caliber. While detailing Academic details please do not mention your grades or percentage semester wise this just a space eater. Leadership and Communication skills are always in great demand. If you have won accolades in elocutions, speeches or in group discussion put forth it.


Many a times applicants just write name of university and not disclosing the name of Professional Institution or some times in abbreviation only, It is highly annoying for the Recruiter. On the other hand just providing name of the college or institution is more than enough do not give irrelevant informations. For example:

•Shri Shankaracharya College of Engg. & Tech., (AICTE Approved, NBA Accredited, ISO-9001: 2000 Certified Institute).

Inscribing Logo of your Institute gives a positive impression that you are very proud of it and will always keep the name high.


Days of basic computer literacy are gone in this era of specialization. Before applying for the said position check the specific IT skills asked for.


Even smallest stint of job experiences before a Professional study changes your image as a genuine incumbent, therefore do not hesitate to mention.


It’s an advantageous point to show your professional Fraternity. It means strong network you follow.


Referring about Conferences, Symposiums, forum, Conventions or workshops reflects that you are an outgoing person; you must have thorough knowledge about the topic or theme of above meet and top of it interactions with the Industry Honchos matters a lot. These aspects give very positive image to the interview. And if you have organized any event or seminar in campus or in college tell it in your Achievements section because it shows your Leadership skills and Team Management qualities.


Mention the names of Industries which you have visited during your course curriculum, Have a preliminary knowledge about there business, turnover etc. More than that in relation to your purpose of visit try to know about there workstyle.Sometime mentioning Name of industry visited give leverage to your candidature too.


Naturally resume reading initiates with the first page but unless it is relevant Resume screener will not turn to next page. Therefore give utmost weight age to the first page. You may follow the simple formula, Introduction then Academics then Achievements in first page then Internship or summer projects and other informations in second page.


Always categorize it e.g. Enhanced leadership skills while delegating the responsibility as captain of cricket team, in school as well as in college. Strengthened creative skills by participating in various college level competitions like. Honed communication skills by participating in Debate & Declamation contests.


Nowadays single page resume is much in fashion for freshers; you may stick to it provided you have very substantial to say about your academic brilliance and accomplishment. Otherwise skillfully designed two page resume will suffice the purpose.


Be discreet always. No body has time to read lengthy paragraphs of covering letter; you have got ample space in your resume to tell about yourself. Just in three four lines mention position applied for, area of specialization from which institute, if experienced, years of experience with name of current organization in bold letters.


After the opening of World Markets and Regional & Rural Markets the importance of being linguistic has become manifold. You are expected to know beside English & Hindi language, elementary knowledge of Regional language and a foreign language of you choice.


Avoid writing hobbies like making friends, watching movies, Reading books etc. These sounds very casual. Think for a while, Hobbies are activities which you pursue only in your spare time and it gives you relaxation. Every person strives for some passion. Employer wants to know after office hours and daily chores how you rewind. Hence be specific and mention only one or two interests which you follow since long time.


Never mix it with your hobbies both are different things. Define in this section about your Sports activities, Organisational skills, Team Representations, Position Held & participation in various events.


In majority of Resumes either in place of writing Career Objective or in the end of Covering letter applicants do write some choicest quotations which may show there philosophical bent of mind but sorry there is no place of it in your resume rather it may backfire as an impressing tool for HR Manager.


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