Your image in the Resume

Our whole life is dependent on image we carve out. As per the definition image is a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. For sure here I am going to talk about the image a Resume creates.

Once you float CV for the dream position it gets shortlisted in your “absence” and once interview is over panellists take decision in your “absence”. In your absence it’s your image which plays the decisive role.

An image is a feel, an aura which comes out from your profile. In fact it’s your flavour and essence which is you.

Study your resume several times; also appeal your friends to share an honest confession that’s you.

Here I would take help from an HR profile to make you understand the importance of your image.

Look at the broader sense or Macro level on below mentioned points……

  • I a Brand ambassador of the company exemplified myself to evolve as a leader with followers to face Human Capital challenges.


  • Defining how HR directly contributes to the business as it is no more operational HR or support function. HR understand the business scenario, it’s not merely about PMS, C&B or L&D etc. instead an integrating initiative of HR & Business aspect.


  • Challenge enjoyment, embracing complexities has brought me towards a hostile culture where value for people was very low, Functional Managers used to yell at me, I don’t need brain to work rather a pair of leg to work. They used to evaluate human beings with an abusive remarks like “Yaar ye to Gadha hai, Yeh to Ghora hai, Dhakkan hai, yeh to Stepney hai” and “Bande se dhanda chaihye”, is it right to quantify them always, they are not commodity. At the end of the day everyone is human being, we have hired them therefore we should respect them; we should treat them well “preserve the dignity of the individual. After all their performance has direct bearings on the kind of culture we offer to them.


  • I implanted culture of cohesive working atmosphere, growth and performance, Fostered sense of Community, Instilled mindfulness in culture. I shared the career growth path, larger picture with the employees, and how can we take the organisation together forward.


  • Talent war is in full swing there is no scarcity but picking a befitting candidate for 0nboarding is a big challenge. Me selling a job to him, he selling is skill, the marriage to last must value adds.


  • Me as an eternal learner hence always creating my own succession in the organisation, a true believer nurturing leadership pipeline through talent spotting & providing them ample scope to grow.

Friends these points nobody writes in the Resume but it should get reflected, a feel of above must be felt to have a futuristic image of yours. Because ultimately you will be hired by the values you are bringing to the table.

Create a Brand face, an all –new benchmark decked with outstanding performance and true business athleticism to reckon


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